"Dirty Work" to Air on Twin Cities Public Televison This Month

My latest documentary about the CSA Farm Dirty Work: The Story of Elsie's Farm is going to air on TPT, Twin Cities Public Television. This is the culmination of a little dream of mine, what I had hoped for, and really, what I made the film for, so I am thrilled and feeling fulfilled. Hope you can catch it! It airs the weekend of September 14-16th, at 11 PM on Thursday, at 5 AM on Friday and at 9 PM, PRIMETIME, on Saturday. It also airs on October 24th, at 2 PM and 8 PM. So this little film gets to cast it's seeds broad and wide. Dirty Work: The Story of Elsie's Farm, follows a year in the life of an organic farm, Elsie's Farm, in Ridgeland, WI. The farm is the inspiration of former Hennepin County media director Don Roberts, and his wife, Joni Cash. The documentary chronicles the struggles and rewards of following your bliss. The program will air on public television in the Twin Cities, on TPT channel 2.2, October 24th at 2 PM, and 8 PM. Additional broadcast times are available on TPT's website.
Dirty Work: The Story of Elsie's Farm is a new documentary film by artist and filmmaker Deb Wallwork. The film is an engaging portrait of a couple, Don Roberts and Joni Cash, and their audacious, perhaps quixotic dream to take an old farm, invest it with new ideas and grow a community.

Community supported agriculture; what does it take? Who are the people that make it happen? And how are their lives transformed by living out the change they hope to see?

Shot in a cinema-verite style, it documents a year in the life of an organic farm, called Elsie's Farm, in Ridgeland WI. From planting seeds in the spring, to the harvest in the fall, the film follows the ancient pattern of the seasons and shows what goes into making such a farm tick. It's a film about getting your hands dirty, doing work you believe in, and planting the seeds of the future.

The film steers us to think about how we might have a different relationship to the earth, to the soil, and plants that feed us. That such a life is desirable, and possible, even in our industrial society, takes faith, commitment, humor, a certain toughness, and the risk of breaking your heart.

Find Deb's musings about the making of the film at her blog.

Watch the trailer:

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